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we aim to educate our readers on agriculture and farming trends and how small and large-scale farmers can maximize them for superior agricultural output.


Welcome to Urban Acres Farm Stead (UAFS). At UAFS, we understand that a thriving agricultural sector is vital to the growth of any economy. Thus, we aim to educate our readers on agriculture and farming trends and how small and large-scale farmers can maximize them for superior agricultural output. We also focus on encouraging young people to consider career paths in agriculture. You can browse our pages to learn more about what we do.

What Are Agriculture

People often use agriculture and farming interchangeably. However, farming is only a part of agriculture. Agriculture is the cultivation of plants, animals, and fungi for food, medicine, fiber, and a host of other products. The products from agriculture enhance and sustain human life. Agriculture can be considered a way of life and most of what we eat, wear and use come from agricultural processes.

and Farming?

A society whose way of life and economy is dependent on agricultural operations is known as an agrarian society. Farming is a part of agriculture that involves the cultivation of land or livestock. A farmer works on a farm, plants crops, and raises livestock or other living organisms for food or raw materials. Thus, a farm is any piece of land primarily reserved for producing crops.

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Importance of Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture is as old as man and has always been a vital part of human existence. Some of the essential uses of agriculture are:

Source of Food

Agriculture has been humankind's primary source of food supply for millennia. The consistent rise in the human population keeps increasing the demand for arable land. Agricultural products are also a source of fodder for farm animals.

Economic Growth

Agriculture contributes immensely to the economic advancement of any nation. It's the source of livelihood for most people in the developing world. Even the industrialized countries of today had an agrarian foundation.

Source of Raw Materials

Industries get their raw materials from agricultural sources. Cotton, sugar, tobacco, and non-edible oils, for example, are obtained from agriculture.

Infrastructural Development

Farmers transport agricultural products in bulk from farms to factories, warehouses, and other locations where they're required. Roads and railways are the primary means of transporting agricultural produce; therefore, government builds these infrastructures to meet the ever-growing demand.

Foreign Exchange Opportunities

Many developing nations get a significant portion of their foreign exchange resources from agricultural exports. The industry requires relatively lower costs for development, and developing countries take advantage of this to boost their foreign exchange earnings.

Types of Agriculture and Farming

There are two major types of agriculture and farming based on the scale:

● Subsistence Agriculture

Subsistence (small-scale) agriculture is done on a small piece of land, and the produce is just enough to feed the farmer and their household with a little remaining for sale. It’s done mostly in rural areas and relies on manual labor, animals, and hand tools. Produce from this type of farming are mainly sold in local markets.

● Industrialized Agriculture

Industrialized (large-scale) agriculture is carried on a large piece of land, with the goal being to produce a large quantity of crops and livestock for commercial purposes. Industrialized agriculture uses modern tools and equipment that work faster. Produce from this type of agriculture can be sold to various parts of the world.


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