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Our Farmers, Artisans and Products



We're so thankful for our relationships with our local Texas farmers and artisans.  We’d like to introduce you to them here.

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Acadian Family Farm

For the last 30 years, Rod and Nanette Ardoin of Acadian Family Farm have been farming organically. Their current farm is located near Fort Cobb Lake in Caddo County, OK.  As of March, 2013, all of their 80 acre farm is now officially Certified Organic with ODAFF (Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture, Food & Forestry).

Berry Best Farm

Deep in the heart of LaRue, TX, Berry Best Farm grows some incredibly sweet, organic blueberries.  They are a family owned and operated farm with 55 acres of pure blue goodness that's a delight to the eyes, and happens to be one of the healthiest foods on earth.  They grow over five varieties of Rabbit-eye blueberries and hand-pick the fruit at the moment of ripeness.  They're serious about their commitment to the environment and to farming organically. 

Eden Creek Farm

Eden Creek is owned by Kristine Orth, an incredibly energetic and friendly lady that loves growing and sharing her beautiful herbs, greens, veggies, and delicious peaches and plums that she grows on their land in Blooming Grove, TX.  She also has a menagerie of animals with fun names like Tinkerbell, Wilbur, and Squeaky.  Each time we visit Eden Creek, we find ourselves pleasantly tired and full from drinking tall glasses of cold, raw milk and Kristine Orth’s golden zucchini pie (which tastes better than any apple pie) on their patio under the stars.


Emerald Aquaponics Farm

Emerald Aquaponics in Anderson, TX, is run by Clint Kripki. They are a small family farm with an aquaponic greenhouse, producing a variety of produce for the local market. He is one of the leaders in Texas with aquaponics and is pushing the envelope on providing greens all year round.


Garden Harvests

Garden Harvests is cultivating 5 acres in Waxahachie, TX. Jessica Longoria runs the farm with her mother-in-law, who started the farm almost a decade ago. 7 years ago, Jessica got involved and started doing the work of the farm. She currently does most of the labor.


Greer Farm

Greer Farm in Daingerfield, TX is a unique rural haven tucked away from the stresses of urban America.  The farm consists of lush pastures and towering pine and hardwood trees nestled in the slow moving world of Northeast Texas. They raise vegetables and herbs, hay, fruit and berries, flowers, pine timber and fullblood red and white Maine-Anjou beef cattle. They also offer unique culinary experiences through private dining, catering and Farm to Fork cooking classes.  We particularly love their beautiful organic blueberries that are a huge hit in the summer months.

G&S Grove

Founded George and Elizabeth Strohmeyer, G and S Groves is currently growing all kinds of organic citrus fruit. We just love their slogan: "From our Texas trees to your table." They are committed to bringing the very best citrus to you, and we love that.

Gundermann Acres

Thank goodness we found Garrett and Stacie Gundermann – they have already provided such amazing produce variety for us this year.  The Gundermanns met in high school, got married in 2009 and recently had their first child.  Garrett is a 4th generation farmer.  Their farm started with a peach orchard, and the family added other fruits and veggies in the mid-1990s.  Now they grow everything from peppers to peaches to figs to eggplant on their land down south in Wharton County, TX.

The Home Grown Farm

The Home Grown Farm in Waco, TX is a small family farm run by Brandon Tull.  Brandon is a second generation farmer, and the family farm produces a variety of vegetables,  all natural meat, eggs and bread.   The Tull family was raised in the country and were taught from an early age how to care for animals and take care of the land.  It has become a deep desire to apply those teachings from so long ago and share it with their family and friends.

HWY 19 Farms

HWY 19 Farms near Athens, TX is a small family farm run by Bobby Bevers.  Bobby is one of the first farmers we have had the opportunity to "incubate." When we incubate a new farmer, we give them the peace of mind that they have a partner to “go to market” with, freeing them up to focus on what they do best – growing delicious, organic food. Bobby and his crew are currently cultivating 8 acres of land, growing everything from watermelons to pumpkins.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Johnson's Backyard Garden is a certified organic vegetable farm about 5 miles east of Austin, TX.  Year-round, JBG grows over 60 types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including their beautiful rainbow carrots that we love!  Since they began as a literal backyard vegetable garden in 2004, JBG has grown to over 60 acres of farmland, serving the Austin community and beyond.

Larken Farms

Larken Farms in Waxahachie, TX began in 2000 as a hobby for Ken and Laura Jo Halverson to try out their "green thumb" at growing peaches.  What started out as a hobby has turned into a full-time orchard.  Larken Farms has over 7,000 trees with 30 varieties of Texas and California peaches, Santa Rosa plums, Asian pears, and blackberry bushes.  They practice organic methods for growing all of their fruits and vegetables.

Mexas Farms

Mexas Farms is located in Princeton, TX, and run by Paul Sacco. The name Mexas farms is a combination of the words “Mexico” and “Texas.” After spending so much time in Mexico, Farmer Paul wanted to keep a bit of it with him. Mexas Farms is on several acres of land, and is also home to many animals. They grow some of the most awesome Elephant Garlic we have ever seen!

Morrison Organic Farm

Based in Cleburne, TX, Jacky and Cindy Morrison of Morrison Organic Farm began farming organically 25 years ago.  We've sat around Jacky and Cindy's dining room table, and we can testify that this couple hand-picks almost everything themselves and genuinely cares about the produce they're sending to your table - lovely zucchini and squash, okra, and more.

My Father’s Farm

Pedro Schambon and his wife Dayana run My Father’s Farm in Seguin, TX, which is a 52 acre farm, including over 25 working greenhouses. What makes the people at My Father's Farm unique is that they partner with a ministry in San Antonio to employee local homeless people to come work on the farm. They are passionate about giving back to the environment and community by producing products in a way that is chemical-free. My Father’s Farm provides our produce shares with vibrant, organically grown microgreens.

Sand Creek Farm

Farmers Ben and Alysha Godfrey run Sand Creek Farm, a family farm in Cameron, TX that supplies us with our wonderful aquaponic lettuce and more.  Aquaponics is a system for farming fish and plants together in a mutually beneficial cycle.   Sand Creek says, "Everything we offer to your family is also what our family eats. In fact, that's how we became farmers.  We wanted healthy foods, free of chemicals, free of antibiotics, free of GMO's, free of soy, and full of nutrients."  Sand Creek says they are "soil and grass farmers" more than any other kind of farmer because everything they eat starts with the health of the soil.  They believe the art of farming is a beautiful symphony of attention to detail and timing.

South Tex Organics

South Tex Organics in Mission, TX is the home of the beautiful Rio Star grapefruit and Hamlin oranges that we love in the winter months.  Established in 1984, South Tex Organics was started with a desire to provide everyone with fresh, organic citrus and vegetables. Starting with 60 acres, South Tex Organics now harvests from more than 500 certified acres.

Texas Organic Mushrooms

Texas Organic Mushrooms in Denison, TX grows delicious organic shiitake mushrooms that have become a staple for us.   Most cultivated mushrooms - such as button, white, and portabella - are grown on substrates of straw and poultry or other manures.  Texas Organic Mushrooms grows their mushrooms on sterilized hardwood sawdust with no animal products or by-products.  Because their shiitakes have a more intense, clean taste, you can use fewer mushrooms in a recipe and still have the same flavor impact.  They're delicious!

WE Over Me Farm

The WE Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College in South Dallas is a dynamic and innovative joint venture between Paul Quinn College and PepsiCo’s Food for Good Initiative. The farm exists to address the lack of affordable, healthy food options available to economically depressed areas in the City of Dallas while creating a replicable model for achieving sustainable urban re-development built around providing safe food options to economically depressed communities.  WE Over Me Farm is located on the two acres of campus that at one time housed Paul Quinn's college football program. Among the items growing on the farm are corn, tomatoes, blueberries, squash, herbs, bees, and greens. The produce is used to feed students on the campus as well as the community.

World Hunger Relief Farm

The World Hunger Relief Farm in Waco, TX offers fresh and seasonal produce to Waco and surrounding areas.  In addition to being a real working farm, they train people to work with communities in developing sustainable farming techniques, educate those with an economic abundance on methods of conserving and sharing resources and participate in local and international sustainable development programs.

Yellow Prairie Farm

Yellow Prairie Farm in Caldwell, TX is run by our good friend, Dan Tucker. Dan is one of our most consistent organic farmers in Texas, providing us with an abundance of produce, year-round. 



Meat, Poultry and Seafood


Burgundy Pasture Beef

Our friends Jon and Wendy Taggart operate Burgundy Pasture Beef in Grandview, TX.  Real food, real flavor, real wholesomeness is their core philosophy as they produce the highest-quality 100% grass-fed beef, raised naturally on lush pastures right here in North Texas.   Culinary quality meats with peace of mind – It is simply the best for you and your family.  Burgundy only offers foods that meet their strict core philosophy.  That means raised in a sustainable manner and in the most natural setting – on pasture, in the open air and sunshine – and never with the use of growth hormones or anything artificial. All the meats are cut and packaged at their very own Burgundy Boucherie with the USDA stamp of approval.

Falster Farms

Falster Farm is a small family farm owned by Karl and Nancy Falster. It occupies about 76+ acres of formerly depleted farm land in Wood County: East Texas. Their effort and money have been spent on restoring the natural Post Oak Savannah land to its 1900's level of tilt. Because of the severe drought for the last three years progress has been slow and at times, perhaps dormant, awaiting the moisture to splash life- renewing tilth back into the soils. Falster practices the Organic Method of agriculture and animal husbandry.They raise their hogs on pasture and hand feed them a diet of raw milk and peanuts. They are also part of the Warriors That Farm program, bringing vets out to the farm, teaching them to farm sustainably, and then placing them onto working farms as a new career choice.

Full Expression Farms

Full Expression Farms is 250 acres of rolling hills & wooded creek beds located in the country between Trenton & Leonard, Texas, run by our good friends, Ken and Carolyn Barth. Their grass-fed and grass-finished cows are pasture-raised on these acres. When they acquired the land for Full Expression Farm in 2010, they only knew that they wanted to heal the land. Using Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm as inspiration, the Barths purchased a herd of Black Angus cows that had been raised on grass and started rotationally grazing them on the property. They have added chickens and sheep to the mix, each species adding its own special value to the land. Future plans include bringing bees and pigs to add to the diversity and health of the property.

Hudspeth Farms

Dale and Linda Hudspeth of Forestburg, TX are providing the 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef that’s in our meat shares. The Hudspeths do not use hormones, growth promoters or any type of antibiotics – they only use what is known as “natural methods of production” for their grass and soils such as fish oils, microbials and minerals. Their happy cows are free to roam on pastures of fresh grass, rotated regularly.

Nitschke Natural Beef

Urban Acres is proud to support fellow Oak Cliff-dwellers, Gary & Lauren Nitschke! The Nitschke’s live locally but raise cattle on their land at the Circle N Ranch in Jefferson County, OK.  If you’re a discriminating beef enthusiast seeking a sinfully delicious yet wholesome and healthy eating experience, Nitschke Natural Beef is premium quality beef raised 100% on pasture and dry-aged to tender perfection.  Their cattle are free to roam acres of land and choose their own diet from the ranch’s diverse forages. This completely pasture-based diet results in beef with complex flavoring and, studies show, is rich in essential nutrients like CLAs and Omega 3s. Nitschke calves are grass-fed and grass-finished according to USDA and American Grassfed Association (AGA) standards. No growth hormones or antibiotics are ever used.   That’s what we call delicious.

Pederson's Natural Farms

Everyone goes crazy for the all-natural bacon from Pederson's in Hamilton, TX.  Pederson's has been providing fresh and smoked natural meat products since 1992.  They are dedicated to providing superior quality, naturally cured bacon, hams, sausage, and much more.    All of their products are Certified Humane and made without the use of artificial ingredients or artificial preservatives.    They also offer options that are nitrite free, MSG free, gluten-free and reduced sodium.

Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms in Rockdale, TX is a family farm where one thousand 100% pastured turkeys roam happily.  Each Thanksgiving, we offer these farm-fresh pastured turkeys to our members, and trust us, you'll never taste a turkey this good.  Plus, you have the peace of knowing the turkeys were raised humanely and happily and are as fresh as it gets.  The Richardson family has been involved in farming for several generations. They are conservation minded in their farming efforts and care deeply about the health and well-being of their animals. All of their livestock are in large open areas/pastures and are free to interact with each other.

Windy Meadows Family Farm

Mike and Connie Hale and their children have raised pastured chicken on their 40-acre Windy Meadows Family Farm in North East Texas for nearly twenty years.  Their concerns for food safety for their own children led them to raise natural meats without added hormones, antibiotics or feed stimulants.  Their customers fall into two categories: those who want pastured meats because they are raised in a more responsible manner, and those who simply want the best-tasting chicken.  Some of the chicken raised by Windy Meadows graces the tables of some of the finest 4-star restaurants in Dallas.  Now you get to have it on your dinner table!


Cheese and Dairy

Brazos Valley Cheese

Brazos Valley soft and hard cheeses are handmade at Homestead Heritage Farms in Waco, TX. They use raw cow’s milk, vegetable rennet and all-natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Their smoked cheeses get their flavor from being smoked over pecan shells in a restored 1860′s smokehouse. Hard cheeses are aged for at least two months.  The milk used for the cheese comes from two local Brazos River Valley Jersey/Holstein dairies. On these farms, the cows graze freely and produce a milk with the high butterfat content that makes Brazos Valley Cheese rich and creamy. The cows have not been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, and the cheese contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring, making it a pure, all-natural product. Try their award-winning Brazos Valley Eden Brie.

Caprino Royale

Caprino Royale is a micro-dairy and small sustainable farm in Waco, TX producing pasture based goat milk products.  The farm is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Eric Tippit and Karen Dierolf.  As James Bond fans, they created the name of their dairy from the word “Caprine,” the scientific term meaning “of or pertaining to goats” and as a spoof on the James Bond film Casino Royale. This developed into the goat herd name “Caprino Royale”.  Their herd consists of purebred registered Nubian goats, which are known for their superior quality of milk, high butterfat content, and friendly disposition (not to mention, their big floppy ears!). We think Caprino Royale’s goat-milk cheese (fromage de chevre) is simply the best.  For something sweet, try their Cajeta caramel sauce and Cajeta Pecan Cheese - yum.

Full Quiver Farms

Full Quiver is a family farm in Kemp, TX – the first farm we ever partnered with!  Papa, mama, and children work together each day feeding livestock, gathering eggs, milking cows, and making cheese. Their mission is to provide fresh, wholesome food for you and your family.  The cheese comes from Jersey and Holstein cows that graze contentedly on grass in the sunshine and fresh air. Full Quiver has always used organic practices on their farm so you can have the best quality cheese to serve your family.

Mill-King Creamery

Mill-King Creamery is located just outside of Waco in McGregor, TX.  They’re a family-run farm that has been in operation for three generations.  Grandpa Miller began milking cows around WWII and the tradition has continued through his grandson, Craig.  Craig and his wife, Rhianna, began producing raw milk with their cows after it was discovered that Rhianna’s allergy to milk did not react to raw milk.  We sell their low-temperature-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk, which is the next best thing to raw!  Their incredibly delicious certified milk and whipping cream come from a combination of handpicked Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows.  This produces a milk that is rich with cream, but also smooth for drinking. Their milk is free of antibiotics, hormones, additives, and preservatives.  It’s just milk.  All natural and just the way nature intends.

Veldhuizen Cheese

At Veldhuizen Family Farm you will find contented dairy cows grazing the beautiful green pastures just outside Dublin, TX. These cows give rich, golden milk which is made into their delicious farmstead raw milk artisan cheese.  Veldhuizen is a small family farm that believes in careful care of the natural resources, commitment to quality in caring for our animals, and making the finest quality cheese. Three generations of the Veldhuizen family work together to produce quality, real food for you.

Vital Farms

Austin, TX based Vital Farms prides themselves on raising their "girls" like birds should be raised, on organic green pasture under open skies, so their eggs are better for you, tastier and much more humane.  Regular rotation also keeps their pastures resilient and the birds full of green nutrition. All of their pastures are certified organic, so they never use any chemicals or pesticides, but depend on natural growth. Their hens enjoy a life of roaming, foraging, and living outdoors.  Vital Farms also strives to be as environmentally sensitive as possible throughout their operation, utilizing 100% recycled pulp cartons.


Bread and Baked Goods

Empire Baking Company

Robert and Meaders Moore Ozarow started Empire Baking Company in 1994. Both had a love of good food and saw a void in Dallas for European-style crusty natural breads. Their commitment to making everything from scratch – baking fresh bread seven days a week – was and is a novelty in Dallas.  We at Urban Acres are lucky to be the recipients of these delicious, fresh loaves.  All of these breads are made slowly and carefully by highly skilled artisan bakers, many who have been with Empire for over ten years. Most of their breads have over eight hours of fermentation and are complex to make. No preservatives, additives, conditioners, or enhancers are used and only small amounts of yeast or starter are needed. Time is the most important ingredient used in making Empire’s bread, and it shows in the flavor.

Emporium Pies

Emporium Pies is a specialty pie shop in the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, Dallas. All of their pies are handmade and their offerings change with the seasons. The pies contain no preservatives, hydrogenated oils, dyes, or corn syrup.  Our customers drool over Emporium's special-order pies for the holidays!

RUSH Patisserie

Samantha Rush, creator of RUSH Patisserie right here in North Oak Cliff, is a New York native who worked as an accountant for a Big Four firm. In 2000, Samantha pursued her dream and enrolled in Pastry School, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.  She opened RUSH Patisserie in Deep Ellum in 2007 and moved her shop to Oak Cliff in 2009. Samantha’s formal training and technique, her uncompromising standards and passion is reflected in RUSH’S exquisitely crafted desserts.  Here at Urban Acres, RUSH Patisserie is known for their amazing croissants.  Outside of Paris, they are as authentic as it gets.  Try one with a cup of Oak Cliff Coffee.


Coffee and Drinks

Avoca Coffee Roasters

AVOCA is an old gaelic word that translates to “Great Mouth.” Local owners Garold and Jimmy have been friends since grade school. They have worked together to bring AVOCA coffee to life in the historic Near Southside of Fort Worth, Texas. Garold and Jimmy share the passion of bringing excellence to locals by locals.

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Kimberly Lanski, brewmaster and co-owner of Austin, TX based Buddha’s Brew, began making kombucha for herself and her close friends many years ago after she became fascinated by its ability to help the body maintain a healthy metabolic balance. In 2006, she created Buddha’s Brew – a tantalizing, invigorating, rejuvenating probiotic-rich kombucha.  Kimberly delicately crafts the recipe for each flavor, believing that kombucha can and should taste good!  Organic ingredients and fair trade tea are used in the brewing process which takes place in their very own commercial kombucha kitchen/brewery in Austin.

Crazy Water

Mineral Wells, TX has had a worldwide reputation for its “Crazy Water” since the late 1800’s after a woman suffering from a nervous condition drank from a mineral well there and was cured. Healthseekers from all over the globe flooded to this tiny mountain community by the thousands every year. Now they are packaging and selling their Crazy Water so people everywhere can enjoy the amazing health benefits of its high mineral content and alkalinity.   People claim that drinking Crazy Water has helped cure everything from acid reflux to kidney disease to osteoporosis.  Try it for yourself...

HOLY Kombucha

HOLY Kombucha from Fort Worth, TX, is on a mission to transform your well-being by making it possible for you to willingly drink “the holy” daily. Many believe kombucha will help increase your energy and awareness through aiding in digestion and detoxification, and also keep you well-balanced. HOLY Kombucha uses only organic ingredients when brewing their kombucha.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

Oak Cliff Coffee began by delivering their coffee “milkman style” to their neighbors in Oak Cliff, TX.  Every other week, their customers would wake up to fresh-roasted coffee in a burlap sack hanging on their doorknob.Since then, their story has been about relationships and steady growth.  They now supply their coffee to some of the best coffeehouses, restaurants, and retailers in Dallas.  We at Urban Acres are glad to be one of them!



Hail Merry

Hail Merry was created by Dallas-based raw food chef, Susan O’Brien. Her core philosophy is to bring awareness to the powerful benefits of healthy oils, which we must obtain from our diets. These plant based fats like Omega 3 & Oleic Acid can actually improve your cholesterol profile, reduce inflammation, and make your hair & skin more radiant.  Hail Merry products use cold pressed coconut oil, which contains lauric acid, known to promote a healthy immune system. Coconut oil also is comprised of medium chain fatty acids, which are quickly used as fuel for the body and are likely not going to be stored as body fat.

Homestead Gristmill

Enjoy the wholesome taste of fresh-ground whole grains from Homestead Gristmill from Homestead Heritage Farms in Waco, TX. Their historic timberframe mill was originally built circa 1760 in the Long Valley of western New Jersey. Water-powered mills such as theirs once dotted the American countryside. The mill was in use for almost 160 years until it closed in 1918.  When Homestead Heritage found the mill in 2000, it was neglected and in disrepair, but they brought it to Texas where it has found a new home and renewed life as a working building at Homestead Heritage Farms.  Visit Homestead Heritage sometime to see the gristmill in action…pretty amazing.

Impact Foods

Delicious and philanthropic, Dallas-based Impact Foods founded by Ben Hurt and Blaine Iler is granola made with organic ingredients, and they bake small batches to be sure that every bag is fresh. It’s enjoyable on its own or on top of yogurt or ice cream. Eat it like cereal with milk in the morning, or add it to a cup of your favorite fruit.  The best part?  For each bag you purchase, Impact Foods will feed three full meals to a hungry child through their partnership with Feed The Children.  The more bags that you buy, the greater the impact.


Dallas-based JJ&B (Jellies, Jams, and Butters) produces a variety of delicious handmade jellies, jams and fruit butters that are made from the freshest, natural ingredients and are available in limited seasonal batches.  JJ&B artisan spreads are crafted in micro-batches to ensure quality and flavor. Each batch is tested to ensure it passes their perfectionist standards.  The versatility of JJ&B spreads is endless — they are delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can be paired with meats, cheeses, breads, and desserts. Some of the most popular items are the Toasted Pecan-Pepper Jam, best served with crackers alongside a warm round of melted brie.

The Mediterranean Chef

Nikki Kaya, owner of Austin, TX-based The Mediterranean Chef, emigrated from Istanbul in 1995 after studying Chemical Engineering and working in both Swiss and American nutritional analysis laboratories.  She then began a career in the food industry and is now bringing authentic Old World Mediterranean cuisine to your dining room.  The Med Chef’s goal is to make the freshest, healthiest and the zestiest Mediterranean specialties while running a sustainable business in a healthy green environment. We think you’ll agree Grandma’s Humus is the best you’ve ever tasted.

Nate’s Raw Harvest

Dallas personal trainer and holistic lifestyle enthusiast, Nathan Jackson, started Nate’s Raw Harvest pre-soaked organic nuts and seeds.  His belief in traditional cooking techniques using quality organic ingredients lead to the revival of pre-soaking.  Nuts and seeds contain phytic acid that rob you of vital minerals.  Pre-soaking nuts and seeds neutralizes the phytic acid and initiates the sprouting process which increases the nutrient density of the food.   If you eat nuts and seeds, then Nate’s Raw Harvest is truly the healthiest option for you on the market.  Others have tried to imitate, but always cut corners and use non-organic ingredients and sugars.  Nate’s Raw Harvest is 100% organic, raw, and just good ol’ nuts, seeds, and spices.  They are great for stand-alone snacks, or additions to your salads, yogurts, and other recipes.

Texas Honeybee Guild

Brandon and Susan Pollard are urban “Bee-Wranglers” in Dallas, TX. As founders of the Texas Honeybee Guild, their mission is to support the area’s urban bee populations.  As part of their bee-wrangling duties, the Pollards maintain micro-apiaries at various Dallas locations.  These sites allow them to extract honey for their own brand, Zip Code Honey®.   Raw unfiltered honey provides a local element and great benefit to your system. The pollens utilized by the bees in your own back yard can provide relief for allergy sufferers. We have 75208 Zip Code Honey® from a hive on the roof of Urban Acres!  It’s the most local honey you can get.

Texas Olive Ranch

Texas Olive Ranch’s 100% Pure Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives grown at their own ranch. The arbequina variety was developed in Spain and is especially suitable for growing in the sandy loam soil of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, where the climate is very similar to southern Spain. In addition to the arbequina variety, they grow two other varieties: arbosana, also Spanish in origin; and a Greek variety, koroneiki.  The growing season in Texas is hot and the olives are ready to be harvested the first week in September. They harvest mechanically using a modified grape harvester.  Try their plain or unique flavored olive oils and vinegars such as Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and Figalicious Fig Dark Balsamic Vinegar.