5 healthy food trends that are actually bad for you

Do you know what’s actually bad for your health? It’s not just the food that contains high levels of fat or sugar. According to a new study, some seemingly healthy foods are really hurting our bodies. For example, many people think kale is good for them because it has tons of vitamins and minerals but […]

Generators: What You Need to Know About Generators For Agricultural Farms

Agriculture as an industry is the backbone of the food security of any nation. Whether small scale or medium scale or large scale they play a part in improving the GDP of a country. According to FAO, small scale farmers contribute 60 per cent of the total agricultural income annually.  It means they need a lot […]

Importance of Generators For Farms

When we talk about mechanization in Agriculture then we cannot leave out electricity as a source of energy. Although most machines are powered by this renewable energy, there are some unavoidable circumstances where the power may not be reliable. You do not need to stop working when you can have a backup plan and in […]

Garment Steamer for Farmers

Garment steamers are nowadays used with so many people to make their clothes look tidy and presentable. Therefore, it can be a very important tool for farmers who have limited time. When a farmer has garment steamers, they can use it anywhere they go and carry it without any problems. They are fast and can […]

Type Of Smokers For Outdoor Smoking In The Farm

Smokers are well known for their low cooking temperatures which can go for a long time They are an excellent outdoor cooking appliance. They hold smoke around your meat to ensures there is maximum absorption. Smoking meat outdoors on a farm can be relaxing and a fantastic way to spend your weekend. There are different […]

Pingpong As Pastime For Farmers

Ping-pong or Table Tennis is a lovely game that creates enthusiasm among the players as it needs less energy to play because only the hands are in work and the legs will be in movement but not as equal to hands. So the draining of energy is greatly reduced. Despite being an Olympic game, it […]

Things To Consider When Buying Toilets For Farmstead

For ages, the toilet word is used for a place where the people can urinate or excrete their bodily waste. No wonder a public toilet is a place or a platform that could decompose and take all the waste to a commonplace. Moreover, imagine if such a place was not there then people wouldn’t have […]

Hockey And Poker As Pastime For Farmers

Farming is part of agriculture that involves keeping animals or growing of crops. This sector is much important for human survival all over the world as it either supply food directly to human or supplies raw materials for food processing industries. Farmers keep themselves busy in farms to ensure consistent supply of food or raw […]