Hockey And Poker As Pastime For Farmers

Farming is part of agriculture that involves keeping animals or growing of crops. This sector is much important for human survival all over the world as it either supply food directly to human or supplies raw materials for food processing industries. Farmers keep themselves busy in farms to ensure consistent supply of food or raw materials and also farming is their way of earning. Farmers usually spend a lot of time working in their farms and this call for them to play certain games during their pastime. The following are the best games for farmers during their pastime.

Hockey game
Hockey is a tough matchup game played by hockey stick where the two teams try to put the ball into the opponent goal. Depending on the field hockey is played, there are several types of hockey such as ice hockey, field hockey and bandy hockey. Mostly field hockey is the one played by many people but in some places such as the United States, this field hockey is the one referred to like ice hockey.

Farmers must engage themselves into hockey as this is a must play the game for most of the farmers during their pastime as it helps them to strengthen relationship or friendship with others and through this great ideas can be shared concerning farming as each one has his/her own experience on farming.
Hockey also involves the coordination of the hand and eye and this helps farmers to improve response and reaction of the body which has great importance in farmers especially for tea farmers during harvesting of tea.

Hockey game as the way of having body exercise, help farmers to improve in health fitness for it improves moods and brain boost. This ensures body fitness and ready to work next time on the farm.

Poker game
A poker game is a game played using a combination of cards usually a pack of 52 cards. Usually played as gambling and involves the use of skills where one have to hide his/her cards from the opponent until the and of the game when is one is claimed the winner. The rules of poker on the table needs one to call for a bet for an opponent and if the player has not enough chips to bet, he/she is declared going all in.
This game can be the great pastime for farmers as it involves the use of skills to challenge the opponent. This brings farmers together as they try to challenge one another and this helps them to develop critical thinking, analytical and interpretive skills.

Poker develops social skills and enhancing friendship among farmers leading them interacting positively with other people and share ideas and experiences on farming and related fields.

Great pastime games for farmers’ plays a great role in farmers’ life as they all contribute to the development of critical thinking, social skills, friendship, and healthy living. Apart from these benefits, these games also should be played with control during pastime as most of them are very addictive and this may lead wasting a lot of time in games such as gambling and forgetting farming activities.